Monday, January 24, 2011

Let's Froyo @ Tutti Frutti

Tutti fruti is now open in BBBangi... it's just a kapel of minutes frm my houz, so yesterday evening mE, mom and lil Raes went to taste the YoFlavor yogurt (FROYO ~ Frozen Yogurt) which now become very popular osso healthier alternative to the ice-cream... The cute TF cafe situated in Sri Bangi (new shop lot) Seksyen 8, BBBangi below BUTIK MAMA and in the same row as HomeMart (new electrical shop)...

And, what's interesting about this dessert spot is not only the healthy froyo, but the fact that we can ''create'' our own cup of frozen yogurt with this 4 easiest steps - 1st: get cup size, 2nd:choose the flavor, 3rd: add toppings, 4th: weigh and pay...

From the moment we enter, we immediately saw stacks of cups in three sizes, with a poster explaining the step-by-step of how to 'create' our own cup of frozen yogurt... Right next to it there's a row of frozen yogurt dispensers with yummilicious flavors and since we're doing it ourselves so, we picked red velvet choc + just peach and kiwi flavours... and then move to topping section, and we added peaches, kiwi + dragon fruits + chocolate hershey syrup as a toppings...Finally, the moment of truth... weighing time - finding out how much you have to pay for all the goodies you've taken!!!, our FROYO costs about RM 18.70... quite expensive huh? mahal sikit la dari BR tapi yang nie frozen yogurt kan so takkan rasa muak mcm mkn aiskrim biasa...hehehe

so it's time to layan this FROYO ( sorry Raes, mama & tok mama je boleh makan...Raes mamam baby bites je ek..:p)

perfect! nyumm nyumM

have caution though:
~ don't get too excited pumping setinggi gunung of the frozen yogurt, and dumping a gazilionn toppings in the cup - because you pay for what you take! you pay for the weigh!!! :D

*p/s to En. hubby: nanti i belanja u plak ok?
*p/s to Sis Nurul: nanti nurul cuti sem kita g makan lagi...

L8ter mE nak try YogurBerry plak la... :D


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