Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Almond Crunchy Caramel a.k.a Bepang Karamel Kacang Badam

Salam peeps,
Minggu lepas Sabtu, I teringin (al maklumlah peknen) nak makan sesuatu yang crunchy dan healthy... then terus teringat almond crunchy... Rumah I plak dekat dengan Yummie Bakery so terus  pergi beli barang...kebetulan semua barang ada, tepung Florentine pun baru sampai stok... mmg cun la! (hehe baru sekarang nak buat almond crunchy, terajin lebey ni dulu asyik beli je bebalang-balang)... barang-barang penyediaan dia agak mahal juga, padanlah orang jual mahal kan! cuma kalu buat sendiri ni kita puas hati :) ye dak???... Tersangatla mudah dan simple buat almond crunchy ni coz tepung Florentine ni sgt special (all in), kita just campurkan tepung dengan semua kekacang then bakar dalam oven... dalam masa 15 minit siap! semudah ABC kan???

Resipi (untuk 1 kg tepung / 1 peket):

1000 gm tepung Florentine
500 gm badam keping
250 gm kuaci hijau
250 gm sunflower seed
50 gm bijan


- Badam keping di bakar sebentar dalam oven pada suhu 160°C selama 5-7 minit
- Campurkan semua bahan dalam bekas dan gaul rata

- Sediakan loyang  alas loyang dengan parchment  paper sahaja, letakkan campuran  dan ratakan nipis
- Bakar dalam oven selama 10-15 minit pada suhu 160°C selama 10-15 minit sampai perang (jangan terlalu lama coz nanti hangus!!!)
- Lepas keluar dari oven masa agak lembik/melekat terus potong kepada kepingan (guna pemotong pizza + pembaris, jgn tunggu sampai keras ye)
- Simpan dalam bekas kedap udara

nota kaki: masa membakar bergantung kepada jenis oven yang digunakan...

Selamat mencuba!


Friday, March 28, 2014


The reason why I've been pretty slow  with blog updates this past couple of months
my baby bump!

A little bit about my 2nd pregnancy...

I stated to get pregnancy sickness at week 8 and it lasted around week 15 - mabuk, muntah, headaches etc PLUS I have a super duper active toddler to take care of, RZ... the mood swing attacked too, one minute I was okay then the next minute things really get to me and busy with the work + my PhD preparation & proposal... it just made things even worse for me!

Alhamdulilah the critical period was over and I'm now entering 6 months (week 24) of pregnancy... the baby was active and my bump is getting bigger... In fact, my whole body is growing fast too... I feel so "fat"! arrghh... the little one is moving and kicking more definite and regular than before especially when I'm lying down... About the gender, I went for an ultrasound scan yesterday and  I have a pair, it's a girl! InsyaAllah... and next 3 weeks I will go for the 3D & 4D scan so I can confirm the gender of my second one :)... 

my tembam face ^_^

opsss... before I end up, I would like to wish "Happy 62th bday to my lovely Abah - Mr. Kemat Adnan"

Till then! 

p/s :will update soon on my PhD plan, my 31st birthday and lil Rz pre-kindy...

Saturday, November 2, 2013

------------@ OuR 5th WeDdInG aNnIvErSaRy @------------

 080813, it has been five years mE and en.Hubby have been married! I still remember our big day, no one was more emotional than mE when en.Hubby said the word of the akad nikah on our solemnization day... even after five years of marriage, with ups and downs, I can say that we're definitely still enjoying being the couple like 16 years ago and our love still growing... Fyi, en.Hubby and I have been high school sweethearts since form 3... haha it almost half of our life! 

Alhamdulillah... Thank you Allah for decreeing Mr. Sharul Nizam Ahmad as my husband, my best friend, my soul mate, my partner in this life and the next... to en.Hubby, thanks for being a good and lovely babah to our miracle son Raes Zafran and Imam to us... 

We had celebrated our 5th anniversary with a Dinner at Laman Grill Steak & Bar-B-Que Restaurant and en. Hubby gave the surprise present to me... wow speechless jap... oh so sweet! TQ sayang...

TQ en. Hubby for the surprise lovely pressie on our 5th anniversary... I love the ring! 
Dinner :)

my happy family :) 
May our marriage stay with love and lasts till Jannah, Amin...


Saturday, October 26, 2013


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Let me blow the dust off this blog...

Assalamualaikum & Hi peeps,

It's been a while... I've obviously disappeared for about 2 months... sorry coz I'm so busy lately,as busy as a bee!(hahaha alasan sgt cliche kan...)

SO, here I just make a short list of things that can be expected to put here in the coming weeks...
  • our 5th wedding anniversary
  • my PhD plan
  • my 31st birthday
  • lil RZ ~ pre-kindy update
  • and many more..........
I'm blogging again!


Friday, August 23, 2013

Syawal 1434H :)

Assalamualaikum peeps,
Selamat hari raya & maaf zahir batin to all of you guys ... sorry for late updates... After raya leave, I was busy with the paperwork and workshop... today is last syawal and alhamdulillah I got time to share with you about my raya story & photos...  
So, how's your syawal this year?... hope you guys had so much fun and enjoyed your ketupat, lemang, rendang, lontong etc with your family members... I enjoyed mine too... This syawal was too tiring but full with love and happening coz our family members gather together, all raya with mak & abah at BBBangi...  All of us had so much fun esp. the kids --- Lil RZ and his cousins (Kak Qaisara & Qhaliif) were busy collecting duit raya...

Ok let see our raya picas...

:: Petang raya bersiap untuk takbir raya ::
:: Kanak-kanak riang gembira di pagi raya ::
:: My Familia ::

:: My sibling - mE, brother & sister ::

:: Bersalam memohon kemaafan dari mak & abah tercinta ::
:: Cousins dtg beraya (1st raya) ::
:: Raya hopping bersama cousins then cousins serbu beraya (2nd raya), kiri: mE yang sibuk memasak di dapur dengan apron, kelasss tak mak? ngeee :) ::
1st and 2nd raya at BBBangi, then for 3rd till 9th raya we spent at en.Hubby's kampung in Jeniang, Kedah... Alhamdulillah the journey to Jeniang pergi-balik was smooth...on 7th syawal we went to Pendang for en.hubby's brother, Azrul Hafis (Apik aka Cu Pit) engagement...Congratulation to  both of you Apit & Linda and may your relationship carry all the love, hope, happiness and blessed from Allah s.w.t (no raya photos at Kedah coz our memory card infected by virrus, all picas gone! sobsob...)

Monday, August 5, 2013

::- Aidilfitri Preparation -::

Assalamualaikum peeps,

Aidilfitri is just around the corner... in 2 days time we'll celebrate it... I'm sure all Muslims out there must be so excited to celebrate this Hari raya and same goes to me... Higher traffic reported today towards north,south and east coast roads coz peoples start to go back to their hometown for Hari Raya... "Hohoho balik kampung,hati riang!"... so KL & Selangor will be lengang for a week yea...

Then talking about Hari Raya, how's your Raya preparation so far?... how many sets of your baju raya you have?, what is your color theme?, how many kuih raya you've made/bought?, how much do you spend for hari raya? and bla bla.... This raya we'll celebrate at BBBangi (my side) and on 3rd raya we'll go back to en.Hubby's hometown at Jeniang, Kedah... And this raya will be more meriah coz my bro's family also celebrate at BBBangi, so the house will be more kecoh with the kids... Our preparation for this raya is moderate, we have 2 sets of baju raya which is orange+brown color theme for 1st raya and turquoise color theme for 2nd raya, 3rd raya onwards will mix & match...

orange+brown for 1st Raya ^_^
Another thing is kuih raya... Haha  kuih tunjuk jer okay , I only bought 3 types of kuih raya (pineapple tart, semperit & popia simpul) just to top up of my mom's kuih raya... She bought a lot of kuih raya from her officemate this year, at about 9 types and all together we've 12 types of kuih raya, wow!... For this raya we spend  about 1k++ for the green packets, Duit Raya!... AND this year, I want to collect more duit raya for lil RZ from his Uncle & Aunty boleh? hihi....

Kuih2 Raya & Duit Raya for guest
So have a blast in your preparation guys... Don't forget whilst busy preparing for Raya, to increase our amal in this last 2 days of Ramadhan and who knows we will meet lailatulqadr... Pray to Allah for our success and barakah in life, Amin... 

To my Blogger friends,
"Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri and Maaf Zahir Batin for all wrongdoings" 
from us (Shikin, Sharul & Raes Zafran)

* mE and my sis will become night's insect malam raya every year coz we'll clean the house from morning till midnight huhu...

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Late entry - USS Holiday

Haha baru nak update... tgk posts baru perasan draft entry... It's a family trip... We went to USS last February, I know it's kinda basi  but better late than never rite? ngeee...I pun dah post  sneak peek so haruslah buat entry kan?...tak nak chot chet banyak2, so let the pics tell the story....
At Ferrer Park MRT Station (1); Breakfast at the hotel (2); Lil Qhaliif (my bro's son) (3);
my familia (4)
@ Marina Bay Sands
Universal Studio Singapore 

We had so much fun there... Lil R & kakak Qaisara were really excited meet the characters... The under water world  and camera lights action show were awesome .. AND the must-go-ride : Transformer 3D  was a fun & great ride but the queue was ridiculously long!!!



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