Saturday, January 22, 2011

Tooth Development in Babies

Weaning & Teething
The timing of the eruption of the first teeth can vary widely from three months to as late as 11 or 12 months. This is perfectly normal but, if there are any concern about late eruption of teeth, this should be discussed with the dentist. The first teeth to appear are usually the central lower teeth (incisors).

Sugars should not be added to weaning foods. When buying prepared foods always read the labels to ensure that hidden sugars are not present.

Try to introduce babies to ‘savoury’ foods, such as pureed vegetables and fruit. During teething babies may look a bit flushed and dribble more than usual. Babies often find comfort from the use of teething rings. Teething does not usually cause symptoms such as high temperatures. However when babies are distressed and have a slightly raised temperature they often respond very quickly to a dose of paracetamol suspension.

Teething and eruption dates
The exact dates will vary from child to child, but the following guide will give some idea of what to expect. Permanent tooth development in girls maybe more advanced than in boys.

Primary, baby or deciduous teeth


nie dia gigi baby Raes lower teeth (central incisor)... sangat susah nak capture ini gambar okey, kena tunggu time dia tido baru leh amik, nie pun slps 4/5 snap hehe... Upper teeth skang dalam proses nak tumbuh jugak... =)

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