Friday, November 12, 2010

Raes Zafran is 6-months-old today ~~~

How time flies, lil Raes is 6 months old today, alhamdulillah...He is very cheeky baby i think... He’s always very curious, alert and observant...When i brought him to a place where he’s never been before, he will inspect the place with great intent with his eyes...

This week Raes has done a lot of neat things...He has started babbling more and more (menyembur air liur sana sini)...and i really think he knows what he's saying to us - it's very cute to hear his tones of voice...His smile has changed too, he has the biggest grin ever!!! esp. when we geletek his tummy and his neck... He always rolls all over the floor, and now its hard for us to change his diaper...also he can sitting up unassisted when sit at his maxi-cosi, esp. in the car during send and fetch him from babysitter's house, so i have to wear him a seat belt eventhough he doesn't like it... he has also discovered himself in the mirror, and loves having conversations with his little friend at nursery... he starts transfer all the objects/toys around of him from one hand to another hand... and when nursing him, i have to keep quiet without talking to anyone especially (en. hubby n tok mama), otherwise his head would turn towards them too...also now i start to sit him in the Bumbo seat...

That's about all the updates i have for now... but I can't deprive you of some adorable 6 month pics!!

Raes in the KLM airplane to Jakarta

Raes sit in lime bumbo ( courtesy of abang n kak noori)

Pose with his Garfield puppet

now, like to jelir lidah bila kita panggil nama dia... so kiut :)

Guide Review - Bumbo Seat
Parents rave about the Bumbo Seat, saying that their babies really enjoy being able to sit up and look around from a fairly young age. This seat looks funny, but the soft, molded foam chair provides a simple way for baby to interact with the world around them.
The Bumbo Seat is made of low-density foam with a smooth plastic-type covering, so it's soft but supportive, and is easy to wipe clean after feedings or general baby messes. The foam is lightweight so the Bumbo Seat is easy to carry with you outside the house.
As soon as baby can hold up his or her head, the Bumbo Seat can be used. The seat is designed to help baby have good sitting posture right from the start. There are no straps to hold the baby in, which concerns some parents, but the seat is made so that baby's bottom is lower than his or her legs, so baby's weight is centered in the bottom of the seat. A front post keeps baby from sliding forward. Once baby is able to arch his or her back a lot, it's possible that your baby can tip out of the seat. The Bumbo Seat itself is not tipsy, whether baby is in the seat or not, thanks to a wide, flat base. You may not get a lot of use out of the Bumbo Seat if your baby learns to escape it early on.
This seat also offers another alternative to tummy time for younger babies. If baby doesn't like tummy time, the Bumbo seat may be a more pleasant way to keep baby from laying on his or her back too much.

Love mama,

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