Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Raes's first solid food yum...yummY

"When your baby is around six months old, you can start introducing complementary foods. Though milk is the ideal food for young babies, as they grow and develop they will need more nutrients, which milk alone cannot provide".

Lil Raes was nearly 6 months old, he was really amazed when he saw us munching our food... his eyes were starring at the fudstuffs that we put inside our mouth & his lips went smacking "chap..chap" :O... so, we thought that maybe it was the right time to start weaning...
So, our first attempt was
NestlĂ© CERELAC® Rice & Milk...we mix cerelac with EBM / formula milk (Anmum infacare) and start feeding him once a day with 1/2 spoon each time....Apart of cerelac we also tried on heinz farley's biscuit (original)...and it was a success as he loves every single things that went into his mouth...:)... Alhamdulillah no allergy and his poo-poo osso okay!!!


senyum lebar baby Raes nie lps makan *_*

Love mama,

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