Thursday, November 25, 2010

Lil Bam-Bam Quick Update

Very busy lately no time for blogging hahaha... blame it on work... a lotsa things to do (lab work, research, presentation & symposium next week huhu)... Raes a.k.a Bam-Bam updates --- Official weight as for 6 1/2 months - 7.38kg , length 68cm and HC 44cm...oo yeah, osso today he got a jab for 2nd dose Hep B... brave boy, no crying like usual... chaiyalah la baby mama!!!

As his development, continue from this entry, now he able to hold his own bottle - by putting
the bottle in his mouth and to take it out when he's full... he able to says a syllable sounds like "ma", "ba", "udey" and "tey tey"... osso kuat menjerit (kengkadang smpi bingit telinga kitaorg)... and we start sit him in walker...

holding the bottle by pounding style... so cute *_*

walker courtesy of Affan Danish Hadi... tenkiu aunty lala bg pinjam :)

And skang nie he always like to isap ibu jari kaki... nak adik? oh no no no, bukan sekarang yer sayang mama... belum lagi okey... and now u always sleep sideways coz i think it's much more comfortable for him... so chommel...:)

Tantalizing toes!!!

******************* ",) ****************************

Never a dull moment with my Raes around :)

Mama luv u,

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