Sunday, August 15, 2010

- Raes's new habit -

Thumb sucking....esp. time dia nak tido, other than isap pacifier dia... so suuuwwiiiiittttttt anak mama =)...

nie paci TT baru Raes untuk 3-6 months...

and nie favorite spot baru Raes (under my arm) sambil isap jari...hikhikhik T_T

bulan2 pose nie, hilangkan boring i pun google to get info about thumb sucking... so,i jumpe ni --- (thanks en. google for this info)...

1) Babies generally suck their thumb to soothe themselves, which is good, because they need to learn how to rely on their own resources. The ability to regulate or control one's behavior and emotions is an important developmental challenge. When your child sucks his thumb, he's finding ways to make himself feel better without your help. You don't have to stop your child from sucking her thumb right now. In general, thumb-sucking is more irritating to parents than it is harmful to kids. Your baby will stop when he's ready and has developed other ways of soothing himself.

Why do babies suck their thumbs?

Thumb-sucking is a very common childhood habit, thought to occur in about 80 per cent of babies and infants. Parents usually notice it within the first three months of their child's life but ultrasound scans have observed babies in the womb sucking their thumbs from 28 weeks gestation.
Sucking is one of a baby's natural reflexes and they use it as a way to calm themselves down when they are tired, hungry, bored or just in need of comfort. As it is relaxing, it may also help induce sleep.
MaMa RaEs,



Aida Rasol said...

sweet raes... rayyan x sucking his thumb but his hand - upper side of his wrist. hahaha

ashikin said...

ooo yeke... raes sampai kengkadang tu basah pipi air liur meleleh masa isap jari.


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