Thursday, August 19, 2010

^_^ Holidayzzz ^_^

Yee haa.... I'm so excited and i must blog bout it NOW!!!

After all the "hard work" working at lab, sitting in front of the PC for fb & blog hoping tesis writing and reading the journalssz... Finally we managed get promo seats for our holidayzzz... Ya ampun its not one destination but four destination uols (Jakarta& Bandung in coming Nov AND Gold Coast & Sydney in May next year) Woohoo... Unbelievable low price... Even i couldn't believe it myself!!! One vacation this year in nov and another one next year…
We'll fly by KLM Royal Dutch to Jakarta on (4-7 Nov 2010)…It costs only RM291 for a return trip to Jakarta??? That's even cheaper than Air Asia!!! Hahahaha... dis is my fourth time to Jakarta & Bandung osso the rest of family, 2nd time for en. Hubby and 1st time for my lil baby Raes… as a routine our main xtvt are shopping!!!(nak wat camner Raes, mama+tok mama+autie² awak nie mmg gile shopping LOL…)

Then in May next year… gonna go to Gold Coast & Sydney ( 18-27 May 2011) !!! by Air AsiaX to enjoy autumn in Ausie… It costs only RM700++ for a return trip to Gold Coast???… The fair is damn crazeee kan hikhikhik… Alhamdulillah finally we able to fly together to ausie osso to meet Uncle Husin Zahari & family…

Gold Coast

(credit to google for this picas...)

So time... it's time for package hunting.... I know it's too early but who cares?? I'm still very excited...


whiteapple said...

selamat berpuasa sis syikin, Raes comel la :)

ashikin said...

Tq nuris...=)


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