Tuesday, August 24, 2010

~~ Raes's 3rd months check-up ~~

We just got back from his 3rd-months appointment (immunization) and get this...Raes's official weight is now 6.5 kg!... height 63.5cm and Head Circumference 42cm... Oh, my boy is such a big boy!!!... Alhamdulillah...

Wanna GREAT workout???

How about carrying Raes up and down the stairs several time? or carrying Raes to get him sleep for about 15 min?... huhuhu it'll definitely give ur arms bit aching osso burn loads of callories!!! esp. this fasting month... it's good for mE and en. hubby to loose our weight... rite darling mama Raes???




Aida Rasol said...

wahh... healthy boy... rayyan 3 mnths 6.2kg je sbb demam 2x ms 2 mnths. BMI drop sht2 cz pjg dia 69cm... cayok raes, breastfeed ya spy bijak n cerdik! :)

ashikin said...

ok kak aida... skang nie mmg fully breastfeed Raes..=)


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