Tuesday, May 12, 2009

How is ur skiN???

How is your skin?
Radiant...? Glowing...?

Have you tried? :: Glow::

GLOW is a well researched, tried, trusted, safe and unique, natural complete skin care nutrient which provides beauty from within. It is an internationally acclaimed partner in the beauty of many women, who care for their skin and aspire for that natural radiance and glow everyday.

GLOW contains a special SKHN complex . SKHN complex contains a special combination of natural plant extracts and marine proteins. What sets it apart from other formulations is that it works together with your body to enrich and nourish your skin from inside out.


Proven By Clinical Studies!!

GLOW's efficacy is backed up with clinical studies conducted by the Spin Control Institute, a world class research center in France and Asia.

Clinical Studies on Glow show a significant improvement on the skin's CLBT (Color skin, Luminosity, Brightness, Transparency ) after 2 months uses.


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