Thursday, May 21, 2009

X-Men origins : Wolverine - Recommended to watch ^_^

Errmm... last week, I and my hubby went to watch X-Men: The Origins of Wolverine... terasa ilang sket tingtongss kepalaku with the surrounding happened to me lately…
As for the story, I can say it was an amazing marvelous fabulous tremendous action pack movie… (yeke pack action? ermm.. pack la jugak rasanya sampai aku and beberapa org yang duk dekat2 aku terkejut hehehe...)
I’m not an X-Men’s fan… not even X-Men’s comic followers… but I can rate this movie as a 2 thumbs up !!... It’s simply because of the story plot which appropriately elaborated.Even my hubby said that there were some plots changing here and there, but as for me… everything was outstanding!! Cite nie boleh la ulang2 tengok.. Best!!
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