Monday, July 12, 2010

Raes Zafran ~ 2 -months-old

Raes is 2 months young already!!! Alhamdulillah..., so mama pun dah abis cuti pantang (60 days)... start masuk lab balik nak abiskan lagi skit experiment yang tergendala (PCR)... chaiyokkk!!!... My lil baby's development - smile responsively, finger opening, cooing more often - making soft throaty voice osso monosyllable voice (aah,uuh)...

Just came back from his 2nd check-up... ~ weight increased from 4.35kg to 5.35kg, head circumferences from 38cm to 39cm and height from 55cm to 60.5cm... today he got 1 jab for his 2nd immunization (Hep B/DTap/Hib/Polio) for immunization
againts Hepatitis B vaccine, Diphtheria and tetanus toxoid, pertussis vaccine, Haemophilus influenzae vaccine and Oral Polio mama nangis sikit je masa inject tue pastu sambung balik tido... :), SO next check-up will be on 24/8/2010...

Lil Raes tido lena b4 n after kena jab...




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