Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Labour ;D

Raes Zafran Bin Sharul Nizam

On 10th May (38 weeks, 2 days preggie), i went for my med checkup..based on d ultrasound scan the baby is now 3.0 kg... Doc Fatimah then asked me to strip off and vaginal examination (VE) done showed that my os was still closed...i was stunned l8er coz she had bloood on her gloves when the check up was done... She explained that she actually stretched and had lightly swept her fingers around... It is said to often help start the contractions, because it releases prostaglandings form the cervics... Then she sent me to do the CTG (cardiotocography) - to check the fetal heartbeat and uterine contractions...The result


After that, reviewed by doc fatimah again... she quite surprised coz i didn't feel any contractions meanwhile my toco (contraction graph) was quite high...then she gave me a mc for 3 days (rest at home)... Otw back home, i tapau nasi campur for my lunch...tgh syok layan nasi, i felt sumthing come out from my vaginal... so, i checked it was bleeding stains on my pantyliner... (cuak sgt)... then trus call en. hubby n my mom... they asked me to go to hospital...

in HPAN,
luckily not many patients were there….i had my cardiotocograph (CTG) done to check on my baby’s well being...i still can’t feel any contraction, just a minor back pain…the CTG was active….and VE done showed that i was 1 cm dilated!!!, then midwife called doc fatimah and admitted me to ward...L8ter at nite, midwife came to check my dilation but it still 1cm!!! OMG...next morning, doc fatimah came to check my dilation progress and now it was 2 cm... argghh at that time, the contraction was already very strong... auww!!! then she decided to induced me with the vagina tablet by 7 am tomorrow coz takut baby stress due to high contraction...after 6 hrs hopefully contractions will start and lead to further widening of my cervix... 2.30 pm, i asked en.hubby to ring the midwife for VE coz at that time contraction was very strong...VE done and I was already 4cm dilated!!! i was sent up to the labour room at around 2.45pm….

The labour room was empty at that time…I was placed in Lavender 1, around 3.00 pm doc fatimah came to pecahkan air ketuban and she asked midwife to induce me with drip... waaaa ya robbii hanya tuhan saja yang tahu betapa sakitnye induce...(itulah pengorbanan seorang yang bergelar ibu menanggung kesakitan ~syurga itu di telapak kaki ibu)... thanks to en.hubby and mom for ur support...

I started pushing at around 7.35pm with all my heart... the contraction was strong and frequent...Doc fatimah and midwives were cool and encouraged me to push hard...at one point, i really felt the head was halfway out of the perineum and it just stuck there, then i gave my best for the last push and the head was out...i was so relieved, alhamdulillah then the body was out, a loud cry was heard, time of birth 7.45pm (12th May 2010) and it was a boy!!!.... Syukur alhamdulillah, i safely delivered the baby in normal procedure without taken epidural okey ...mmg i tak nak amik epidural, walaupun doc fatimah suggest lps dia pecahkan air ketuban...it's for my own good in future gak... hubby was preparing to take my baby's first photo... i gave him first kiss before he was taken to be weighed and cleaned... my baby weighed 3.1 kg... i straight away give baby my brest for him to get the goodness of colostrum...

Then, we were brought up to the ward l8ter... We were both well and discharged the following day... we decided to name him Raes Zafran... the meaning is "Ketua Kejayaan"... a new journey has just begun for our little Raes Zafran... :)

~ goodbye couplehood and welkom parenthOOD ~ ^_^

Raes ~ 8 days old

Raes ~ 9 days old

Raes ~ 10 days old



whiteapple said...

wah! congratulations on your new born baby boy....so chomel :)
welcome to the world RAES :)

Nor Azlina Mohd Zin said...

excited read ur post..hehe..smpai meremang bulu roma i tau..neway congrats..be a good mommy k..hehe

ashikin said...

Tq nuris n ina...:D


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