Monday, April 5, 2010

UMMI @ AN-NUR - Antenatal Class

Date: 4 April 2010
Venue: Chelos Bistro ( atas Sugarflours, Bangi)
Time: 8.20 am - 5.30 pm

Yesterday we ( me & en. hubby) attend antenatal class, hosted by An-nur (ANSH), BBBangi. It's a free (w/o any charge) for patient's with previous antenatal check-up @ An-nur Specialist Clinic. so we grabbed the chance la... moreover this is my first time to gave birth...

The programme- schedule basically like this:

8.20 am - Registration & Breakfast @ Chelos Cafe
9.00 am - Islamic Practice in Welcoming Newborn
by Ustaz Hj. Imam Supaat, Imam Masjid Bangi
9.30 am - Normal Labour and Instruments Delivery
by Dr. Kamsiah Hj. Muda, Consultant O& G ANSH
10.30 am- Delivery Without Pain
by Dr. Rosnita Khamis, Consultant Anaesthesiologist ANSH
11.00 am - Care of Newborn Baby
by Sister Ro'peah
11.30 am - Nutrition During Pregnancy
by Irene, Danone Dumex
11.50 am- Important of Early Feeding, Brest Feeding
by Jasmeen Tay Abdullah,
12.50 pm - The Miracle of Stem Cell
by Wan Jaswani, Stem Live Berhad
1.15 pm - Lunch & Zohor Prayer
2.15 pm - Preparation for Labour, Husband's Role in Labour & Delivery, What to Expect on Addmission and Pain Management
by Ms. Jennifer Hor, Jenlia Maternity Centre
4.00 pm - Exercise During Pregnancy: Pelvic, Breathing, Relaxation and Massage During Labour
by Ms. Jennifer Hor, Jenlia Maternity Centre
5.00 pm - Care of Mother Post Delivery
by Ms. Jennifer Hor, Jenlia Maternity Centre

A lot of things we've learned from this class... osso a lot of things been shared by the pakar2...programme mmg best tak boring n ngantukss langsung uols...esp. time exercise...

We also sing up - StemLife as a gift for ur baby hehehe.. actually we already aware of this technology that's y we subscribed. Basically they will draw the blood from umbilical cord right after baby come out, store it and it can be used later to treat blood disease like major thalassemia and leukemia. StemLife is the pioneer in banking the stem cell and has treated 4 cases... moreover dpt harga promotion for antenatal class nie - RM1350 (normal price RM 1500) tue yang kitaorg terus je sing up...

Here, I'm going to share few things that I feel important for mommies to know...

Signs of labour:
1. Show-blood stained mucus

3.Ruptured membranes

Breathing Technique:
Masa contractions utk kurangkan sakit -Tarik nafas then hembus dengan mulut 3 x guna nafas dalam dada

Push technique:
Tarik nafas dalam-dalam while contraction - Tahan nafas tunduk kepala ke dada dalam 10 saat - Hembus nafas sambil push kuat kuat selama yang boleh so baby senang keluar.

*** The most important, kena push masa Dr cakap push and jangan push kalau Dr cakap stop.

~ hope i'll be practicing this technique during deliver nanti... Semoga Allah permudahkan segalanya....Amin

doorgift from An-nur

supplements (obimin pluz, obical), mug from mamil, maternity toothpaste from pureen, cd (pneumococcal disease), parenting book, stemlife brochure

Our StemLife collection kit


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