Friday, April 2, 2010

~ my belly ~

my BULAT belly cannot be hidden under my lab coat anymore, nor my baju kurung, nor anything!!! I am officially 8 month ++ preggie and everyone can't stop staring at my belly instead of talking to me in the eyes... I'm osso exposed to everyone who wants to raba my pretty firm belly... hehehehe see lah that's y im so preggy i tell you... two things kenot escape: staring eyes and standard question like "bila due???"...

seriously now i'm out of baju... i keep on recycling the same one every week sumtimes... my best outfit is kaftan, thanks to Arizali n Nichii + funky mama jeans... which most ppl in office asking me " aik, muat lagi ke pakai jeans???"... of course la muat coz it's a maternity jeans... i know now i'm not that fashionable but i like it!!!

also, in 3rd trimester is when all the streching happens. there ain't no skin anymore to cope with the expanding tummy. auwww now start ada stretch marks kat area bawah pusat (bhgn bwh perut) aissyyyhhh tension beb!!! before nie takde pun... so, skang kena sapu more n more vit-E n bio-oil kat baru 33 weeks, another 7 weeks camner??? kenot imagineeeee beb!!! and osso now, with the bigger belly and bigger size baby, i jalan pun lambat not like before n alwiz tarik tgn en. hubby suh dia jalan pelan2 esp. time shopping... hehehe sian dia kena jalan setapak-setapak mcm i...kehkehkeh ( but still desirous to shopping! habbit nie bila bleh berenti ek???)

counting days. prepare for Antenatal Class this weekend @ An-nur, BBBangi...


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