Tuesday, March 16, 2010


" Panas panas panas
panas badan ini
pusing pusing pusing
pusing kepala ini"
(chorus lagu Gigi - Nakal)

entry kali nie nak cite pasal PANAS walaupun kengkadang hujan turun tapi still PANAS gak...mcm chorus lagu gigi kat atas tue... lately nie panas badan + pusing kepala+ sweaty dek fenomena cuaca panas n kering yang melanda malaysia hingga mid of april nie (sumber dari bernama)... bg aku yang tengah preggie nie terasa sgtlah effectnye... since last month tak selesa sesangat esp. time tido malam asyik terjaga (arrgghhh tensionnye!!! ngan dugaan "night sweats" yg di alami setiap malam w/pun kipas pasang full n bunyinye pun dh mcm helikopter)... n one more thing TENSION den peluh kat bhgn muka, so jadi allergy (merah2 n gatal) sekitar kawasan hidung n mulut :(... now i have to sapu soothing cream everynite, alhamdulillah allergy dh kurang... okay SO i need to be patient n strong with this dugaan (biasale ibu mengandung ngan hormon imbalance nie), it merely temporary...

What r night sweats during pregnancy???
Night sweats during pregnancy, which is also known as "nocturnal hyperhydrosis" during pregnancy occur because the body´s temperature gauge begins to malfunction as a result of hormonal imbalance that occurs during pregnancy or menopause. Night sweats during pregnancy can become intense enough to wake a woman up night from a sound sleep, either from unbearable heat or from being drenched in sweat. This can be very disturbing since adequate sleeping is important for a healthy life.

What causes ???
Night sweats during pregnancy, and night sweats during menopause, is primarily caused by hormonal imbalance. Typically, the hypothalamus regulates the body heat. Night sweats during pregnancy are produced because the hypothalamus, gone haywire from hormonal imbalance, begins malfunction and triggers the body to increase its temperature. Sweating then follows.

The declining level of estrogen hormones, associated with pregnancy, is responsible for the malfunctioning of the hypothalamus, which detects an increased body temperature and releases chemicals that cause the skin blood vessels to dilate so the heat can be released; this causes night sweats during pregnancy and are sometimes accompanied by cold shivering.



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