Monday, January 11, 2010

pReGgie WaRdrObe

My weight gained about ~4.5 kilos @ 22 weeks pregnant!!!! (aauuwww so scary)...I have plumped up a bit... esp. on the belly, the bum, the double-chin, pipi tembam n everything has expended. so, my wardrobe changed lil bit... semua jeans n baju yang dh tak muat were kept away nicely hang so that it will not kedut by the time aku nk pakai lepas pantang nanti hehe...

My favor pants for now are expandable jeans (bought @ funky mama). It looks comfy and breathable padan dengan harganye (cost bout hundredss)... Yes maternity cloths n pants cost bit expensive, so aku +en. hubby and my beloved MOM amik peluang shopping baju n seluar mengandung masa YES
(abbriviated: year end sale) lepas... bought few funky mama shirts, MIKI Maternity shirts, modernmum pants and Jusco- Scarlet Maternity pants. THANKS MOM for ur support!!! LUV U SO MUCH...

My attire to work for now IS baju kurung...pros of wearing baju kurung is that i don't look THAT preggie so ppl won't be bugging me with questions like
"eh, pregnant ke? " "eh,dah berape bulan?" or "morning sickness x , muntah2 ke?" those kinda stuff u know. but of course being preggie u do get self absorbed and talk about preggie all the time to get tips from kawan2 and org2 tua.these tips don't come in books so we gotto korek from them to know.
Bout shoes... wearing my flatties shoes --- crocs and clarks... very comfy. As per MOM advise, high heels its not good for the back bone and u can feel backache. Latest thing i've invested for undies. basicly everything doubled up, so now time to looked out for jumbo sotongs sizes huhuhu..... byebye small+sexy+hot and welcome to jumbo mumBO.


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