Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Mineral Makeup - Ronasutra

I love minerals cosmetics product which are natural & organic unlike the majority of cosmetics that may contain of oil, parabens, fragrance,  dye and talc... Mineral makeup has always been the alternative for those with the sensitive skins or those seeking to the makeup that doesn't clog the pores... Talc is known to clog the pores and contribute to develop allergy to our skin... Ronasutra is a Malaysia-made cosmetic brand, 100% authentic mineral-based range makeup dedicated to all skin types and formulated especially to Asian skin tones... It will give you beauty, radiant and natural-looking coverage for 16 hours, in fact it is safe to be worn even to sleep, yes you can sleep in it!  The products can be used during prayers :)... Moreover the products much more cheaper than Sephora...
Above are the reasons why I am decided to buy the products last week... This is my second mineral makeup after Sephora Mineral Compact Foundation... Fyi, there are 8 shades of the base & concealer, foundation & powder and 5 shades of blushers... My shade of choice is  (Base 01) for base & concealer, (Natural Buff 03) for foundation & powder and (01 Cool Pink) for the blushers ... It just take 5-10 minutes to apply all products in my face... 


So far, I've been used this product for about a week and I was very pleased that my skin did not turn oily esp. in my T-zone even I did 21/2 hours heavy cooking for iftar plus 8 hours in the office :D ...I would highly recommend to all the woman out there esp. to those people with a sensitive/problem skin and to those who are concerned with beauty using the natural resources...


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