Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Three weeks old kitten ~ TOM

It really hurts a lot to see a kitten without its mother... This happens to our adopted orphan kitten, Tom... Since it's a male kitten, we named it as "Tom" coz lil RZ loves to play Talking Tom from my ipad...

Last Saturday, after fajr we kept hearing a little kitten that just wouldn't stop meow from our backyard... After some searching, en. hubby (a cat lover) found  that Tom was stuck in the drain... Quickly he lifted and put Tom in his palm to warm up...  At that time, Tom was probably around three weeks old because his eyes were not fully open... Tom was hungry and weak... En. hubby spent days and nights (during CNY holiday) taking care of Tom even though we were planning on putting Tom for adoption by the end of the week to lil RZ's babysitter... It is because we don't have enough time to feed him during working days... Tom need to be observed and feed every 4 hours coz he still a small kitten... 

 En. Hubby - Feeding Tom
We bought him a cage,  Pet point milk powder (kitten milk)  , pet nursing bottle,  Fussie cat premium food and Catit Scentless Cat Litter Beads + cat litter small box for Tom... still quite wobbly on his little feet

  A cute TOM, even a bit blurry, hard to photograph clearly... LOL



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