Monday, November 12, 2012

Hong Kong Magical Holiday!!!

Hi peeps, sorry for the hiatus... blame it on work and my busy-ness at home with lil RZ... I can't really find time update about our magical holiday last 3 weeks... With further due, let mE tell you about our Hong Kong Magical Holiday!...
It was a family holiday trip with my parents & my sis... It's truly an amazing experience to be in the City of Lights... I personally think that Hong Kong is a nice place to visit eventho we didn't get to do all Hong Kong's-must-go places... BUT Hong Kong Disneyland (HKD) and Hong Kong night view's was spectacular... 

Here is our itinerary:

Day 1: LCCT-HKIA-Check-in BP International House-Temple Street

Our first day in Hong Kong was short due to evening flights and landed in Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA), Terminal 1 at 5:40 pm... Once we arrived at the immigration area, we saw that it was crowded from tourist in various countries... At around 6:30 pm, we managed to get our passport stamped and  went to collect our check-in baggage... Then we proceed to the MTR Light Rail Customer Services Counter to buy the octopus card... Fyi, octopus card is a smart card that can be used to pay multiple modes of transportation MTR, busses, ferries, Airport Express and purchases at shops e.g 7Eleven, restaurants & cafes... Next, we proceed to the Airport Bus Station nearby to take a Citybus' Cityflyer (A21) to get to our hotel in Kowloon... Credit to Citybus' Cityflyer for the most convenient, comfortable and the most important is  free wi-fi service, so the passengers can enjoy surfing the internet along the way... At about 45 minutes, we arrived at BP International House and check-in for 2 nights... After solat & shower, we headed to Temple Street Market... It's only 5 mins walking distance from our hotel... These market were average... It just like our Night Uptown/ Downtown market which selling souvenirs, clothes and toys... I was expecting more and had planned to buy up big but didn't find a lot of souvenirs to buy...  

In-flight entertainment
@ BP International House
@ Temple Street
Day 2: The Peak-Sky Terrace 428-Madame Tussauds-Kowloon Mosque-Causeway Bay-Avenue of Stars-Symphony of Lights

After breakfast, we started our journey with The Peak a.k.a Victoria Peak via MTR... It seems like Bukit Bendera in Penang... We reached there around 9.30 am... We bought the combo tickets for The Peak and Sky Terrace 428 at the entrance counter... We were able to get the tram about 15 minutes after paying for our tickets and the trip to The Peak was quick and efficient... On top of the Peak, the Sky Terrace 428 the weather was pleasantly cool and windy... From here, we saw 360-degree panoramic view across the Hong Kong Island... The view was great and this is a scenic spot that everyone in Hong Kong couldn't miss... Next, we proceed to Madame Tussauds (Wax Museum) @ The Peak Tower... Only mE, en. hubby & my dad entered the museum... Meanwhile my mom & sis take care of Lil RZ bcoz they have visited Madame Tussauds, London before... They went to the Peak Galleria, shopping centre adjacent to the tram terminus...

otw to The Peak
@ The Peak
@ The Peak & Sky Terrace 428


Madame Tussauds, The Peak Tower

Then, we headed to Kowloon Mosque at about 1.00 pm for solat jamak and lunch... Kowloon mosque located at in Kowloon Tsim Sha Tsui next to Kowloon Park, the Mosque is currently the largest Islamic Centre in the city... before praying, we had our lunch at one of Halal Pakistanis Restaurant nearby... The food was great esp. the mixed grilled and mango lassi...
At Kawloon Mosque & lunch @ Pakistanis Restaurant
After solat, we proceed to Causeway bay via MTR for shopping... we were impressed where every  square inch there seemingly devoted with the shopping malls and fashion boutiques from the luxury brands (Sogo dia bukan cam kat KL ye uols, kat sini Sogo sama standard dengan Pavillion kot... sume barang2 branded & harga mahal2 tapi pakai longgok je e.g: handbags - Long Champ, Coach, Gucci, Burberry etc macam lelong... semua departments pun cam gitu penuh dengan branded and designers collection...)
@ Causeway bay
Next, Avenue of Stars to see the world's largest permanent light and sound show " Symphony of Lights"... the show was interesting with the synchronized light display of the buildings on both sides of Victoria Harbour for 15 minutes... After the show, we went back to hotel for the dinner... 

@ Avenue of Stars & watched Symphony of Lights
Day 3: Check-out from BP international House-Hong Kong Disneyland (HKD)-Check-in Disneyland Hotel

Around 9.15 am after breakfast, we check-out from BP International House then proceed to Hong Kong Disneyland via MTR from Austin Station... At about 10.00 we reached Hong kong Disneyland...  We entered Hong Kong Disneyland at 11.00 am after check-in Disneyland Hotel and drop-off our luggage... We stayed until the park closed... we spent almost 9 hours in the Disneyland (sampai lenguh-lenguh kaki)... Eventho, 9 hrs in the park we still have not thoroughly explored HKD, get on all rides and miss 1 stage show in Tomorrowland "Stitch Encounter" - the english version bcoz of too many things to see and to do... I'll recommend at least a two days tour if you're serious to fully enjoy in HKD... It is a lovely park with lotsa rides for all ages... Even HKD was smaller than other Disneyland but we totally had a wonderful time and fun here... Lil RZ really enjoyed the parades, music, rides, characters and the stage show... He loves the shows "Festival of the Lion King" and "The Golden Mickeys"  where he showed his dance skill while watching the show and till now he still can remember the song and the characters... Definitely worth bring lil RZ to HKD plus the free entrance, memang la superb kan! (sangat-sangat berbaloi walaupun ada orang cakap kalau bawa kid below 3yo diaorng takkan faham and enjoy tapi bukan kami ye, alhamdulillah lil RZ enjoy sgt till night & still ingat dan boleh cite kat kitaorg bila kitaorg tanya dia about HKD)... We had our lunch @ Tahitian Terrace, Adventureland (the only halal Restaurant in HKD)... The food was good and their Singaporean Laksa was awesome!... Disneyland truly the happiest place to go and a great place for family fun!!! 
Let's see how we spend our day in the park... :)
otw to HKD
check-in @ Disneyland Hotel
Lunch @ Tahitian Terrace
Stage show - Festival of the Lion King
Stage show - The Golden Mickeys

@ Tarzan Tree House, Adventureland

Fantasy Parades

^ @ Toy Story Land v

@ It's small world, FantasyLand

About the Disneyland Hotel, I tell you it's fabulous!!! the room was big for all of us with 2 queen bed + the furniture was decorated with Disney character even the bathroom and the best was our room with balcony facing the Mickey Garden Maze!... There were 2 bathrobe + 1 small bathrobe  and 4 fluffy golden mickey slipper for our souvenirs... The hotel lobby and its surrounding is lighted beautifully at night... The staffs were very pleasant and helpful... In here, you will feel that you're staying in a magnificent Disney Castle... Disney characters always in the lobby, so the guests can take a photo and chit-chat with them too... 
Day 4: Hotel Tour-Breakfast-Check-out-Citygate Outlet-Disneyland Hotel-HKIA-LCCT

Before check-out, we took time to walk around the hotel and do our last souvenirs shopping @ Kingdom Shop (Disney shop) in the hotel... Although it was rain at that time, we do not miss the opportunity to play hide 'n' seek in a Mickey Maze... It was totally adventure & fun... We check-out at 12.00 noon... We drop our luggage at the hotel counter then went to Citygate Outlets, Tung Chung by MTR for shopping... There are designers outlets like Burberry, AX, Coach, Kate Spade, Polo, Timberland, TH  etc but some of the items still expensive just like JPO... At about 5.30pm, we went back to the hotel to pick up our luggage and straight to the airport (HKIA)... Before boarding, we had our dinner at Popeye Fried Chicken, Level 7 Departure Hall, Terminal 1 HKIA by taxi... It's the only Halal food in HKIA with the HALAL logo by Hong Kong Halal Authorities... We fly back to KL at 8.50pm... 

Overall, it was a GREAT MAGICAL Holiday for all of us, Alhamdulillah :)... 
So, our next  trip will be - Universal Studio Singapore in January 2013... Yeeha!!!



fiza said...

Wow...bestnya dpt gi Disneyland ☺☺

♥ Wina ♥ said...

tak puas tgk gambar kecik² ehehehee

~Beb~ said...

betul beb gmbr cinonit2. x puas tgk.

btw ade soklan bodo nk tnya.. huhuhuhu.. kat sane roti dorang halal x? ala2 roti gardenia tuh. ade ke? huuhuhuhu..


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