Friday, October 19, 2012


I can't wait for the family holiday!!! we gonna to go to Hong Kong next week (a day after Raya Aidiladha)... yeah super duper excited to shoppingzzz & see Mickey + friends at HKDisneyland... ~_~ 

credit to google... the red circle, place we'll visit

So far, for the booking updates...

  • Accommodation - done (Kowloon : BP International Hotel & HKD: Hong Kong Disney Hotel)
  • Peak Tram & Madame Tussauds ticket - not yet & will be settled by this week...
  • Octopus card & HKDisneyland ticket - @HK International Airport
  • Passport - Renew my passport & change of photo for lil RZ's Passport : done!... credit to Immigration Department @ Hentian Kajang with the best services... the passport ready in 30 minutes, i loikee :)  

the new lil RZ passport photo...oh so cute ! :D

~ interpose: our last  family holiday in Aussie 2010 ;-D

So guys, what's next???



~Beb~ said...

Awww sronoknyeeee.. Sejukkk! Jln2.. For us belom tau ke mne lagik.. Btw slmt pg dan slmt plg :) enjoyzz

Hanif Idrus said...

happy holiday!!

mummy bie said...

waahh us in January...!!


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