Monday, July 30, 2012

sneak peek ;)

Here's are sneak peek of our baju raya dress (3 of us)...

So, what's your family Raya theme?... I know it's still early to talk about baju raya coz we still in first week of Ramadhan but I'm organized and well planning this year (I always do ngee -__-)... and it's so much fun & comfortable doing my raya shopping at this time coz en. hubby took care of lil RZ last weekend... :D

Went to Jalan TAR (Bazaar Ramadhan) last weekend with my mom & sis searching for en. hubby's baju melayu and lil RZ sampin... the area was crowded as expected that's y en. hubby told mE to not bring lil RZ... searching for his baju melayu quite a challenging bcoz M & L size was not standard... we walk from the beginning to middle of the stall but couldn't find... So, we decide to look at the boutique near to Euro Moda... Finally I found the nice color (Purple manggis) shantung silk baju melayu for him @ A'niz Boutique... the price was reasonable and consider cheap for mE... then, I mms the pic (baju melayu) to en. hubby and he satisfied on it... so, terus sambar & bayar!... for lil RZ sampin, I bought from the bazaar stall, the price was reasonable and suit my taste... returned home with 1 baju melayu for en. hubby, 1 sampin for lil RZ... AND 1 baju melayu cotton (Dark Brown) for lil RZ + 2 suits ready made kurung for mE from Gulati's Silk House courtesy of my mom a.k.a Tok mama... so, total my baju raya was 4! huhu... thanks mom, I Loveee you so muchhh!!! not only that, mom also bought 1 ready made kurung for herself and 2 suits ready made kurung for my sis... (mom/tok mama tak mungkin pulang tangan kosong kalu keluar berjalan... sayang mak...)

Happily mE,

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Suraya Baharun said...

tema kami sekeluarga tahun ni warna merah...hehehee...

ashikin said...

nice color suraya :)... mula2 kitaorg nak pakai tema merah jugak, tapi bila cari baju melayu ntuk en. hubby tak de tone merah yang berkenan & kalu warna merah cili mcm nak bersilat pulak my mom kata... huhu


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