Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Lil RZ down with Rotavirus Gastroenteritis

Poor lil Raes Zafran... My son had Rotavirus Gastroenteritis last week-wednesday... This is Raes's first time being warded and for us too ( mE & en. Hubby)...
It stated with vomiting, watery diarrhea and high fever... At 1st he was diagnosed with gastroenteritis then after getting the blood test and stool from the lab, it showed positive on Rotavirus... The different between normal gastroenteritis and Rotavirus gastroenteritis was the Rotavirus infections highly contagious and severe than the normal infection... The watery diarrhea + vomiting up to several times per day and the symptoms can last for three to nine days and may be 14 days... Eating was quite a challenge for him... Once makan, muntah n cirit balik then bila petang demam panas hingga ke malam... So, he was hospitalized for 5 days and on IV drip... He's bit crancky and grouchy most of the time... He was energized in the morning but after vomit and cirit-birit he returned weak... Pity lil RZ :(
He was discharged last sunday (1/7/12), coz no more vomit & fever for about 48 hours but he still on medication until his stool forms to solid... There's no spesific medication given to cure the disease and it will be recover within 1-2 weeks... Alhamdulilah, since yesterday his stool was semisolid... And now lil RZ returned cheerful and energetic... Syukur pada-Mu Ya Allah...

Nie tempat en. Hubby a.k.a babah tido, makan & lepak sepanjang 5 hari lil RZ warded =)

Love mama,

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