Thursday, July 5, 2012

June updates ~ late entry

:: Sephora Pret-a-Porter Palette - limited edition ::

Last 2 weeks, we ( mE, my mom & my sis + lil RZ) went to KLCC coz mom wants to buy the mineral compact powder from Sephora... mE who introduced her the mineral compact powder, coz the color and texture suits my skin tone very well... So, the first boutique we went is Sephora to buy the powder... At first, i don't want to buy anything but when the promoter persuaded mE and promote their new product Sephora Pret-a-Porter Palette, I was excited... It is a unique pallete... Convienience and space saving which takes up very little space on the dresser... It's like mini cupboard with 6 drawers of complete palette for eyeshadows, lip glosses and blush... And of course the black and white design  fit perfectly into most make-up & my bedroom theme color =)... AND the price very affordable... For 42 shades of mixture eyeshadows, lip glosses and blush it just RM 99.00 with the purchased of RM 150.00 and above...So, I bought one ~_~... I Love the palette!... Plus I got the Sephora member card too on that day... So..........., en. hubby I can spend to buy make-up at sephora again ya... huhu YeaY!


:: Introducing my new nephew ~ Qhaliif Muhammad Khairie ::

My sister in laws, Noori gave birth to a healthy baby boy on June, 29th... He was 3.2 kg and named him Qhaliif means " khalifah"... A beautiful new nephew joined our family... He's such a cute and handsome lil boy, Alhamdulillah... =)


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