Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Ariana Mikhail - Review

Not as what I expected :(... the ending should be more thrill & touching (Ariana & Mikhail not with Ray)... quite disappointed! the quote "ada kalanya jodoh mendahului cinta sejati"  Oh No!!! *sigh*...  Ends with Mikhail (first love) but still in contact with Ray! wut the ????... the thing is Mikhail paling kesian, sayang sangat kat Ariana tapi Ariana like gitu-gitu je (selfish  & greedy in love with Ray & Johan)... loves Mikhail but at the same time main tarik tali dgn Ray & layan Johan gak... jalan cerita tak lancar & tergantung, script lemah and the last 2 episodes mcm kena fast forward & lebih banyak scene Ariana & Ray yang sgt over compared to Mikhail... wasting wasting! Anyhow, credit to Sein (Mikhail) I loikee ur character ngeee ;D 
" Cinta pertama cinta selamanya" betul tak en.hubby? (tiba-tiba ahaks..)

(note: Director & team plzz do post mortem... and don't tell me ada Ariana Mikhail 2 plak! soundtrack I loikee!)

(mode: emo)


NoR AzLiNa MoHd ZiN said...

ala lupa nak tgk last episode.ariana pilih ray eh?ala bencinye..nape dia x pilih mikhail yg hensem lg sweet tuh.huhu.

ashikin said...

Ends with mikhail tapi tetap cintakan Ray.. tak suka betul... serius akak pun follow cite ni sebab Sein hikhik...


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