Monday, December 12, 2011

from cents to gift voucher

I just found out about this machine -" My syiling machine" after have been notified by en. hubby... His knew about it from the bunting that hung around Jusco Bandar Utama...then i google the Jusco website and found that the machine is available in several Jusco store... the nearest from our houz was Jusco Cheras Selatan known as Jusco Balakong... incidentally en. hubby wants to meet his friend around there, then after that we went to Jusco Cheras Selatan to try the machine, since we had collect lotsa coins... The machine located at 1st floor, next to customer service counter... ...and what makes mE impressed was the speed of this machine count the just take a few minutes to calculate the value of the coins that we have inserted... senang & cepat dari tukar kat bank... then print out the receipt and redeem the amounts with jusco gift's fast, easy & convenient... i loikee !

Deposit coins

change to Jusco gift voucher

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fiza said...

Owh...baru lu tahu kegunaan machine ni sebenarnya. Ingatkan tukar duit syiling ker duit kertas, rupanya tukar dgn voucher. Thanks for the info. Banyak duit syiling kat umah tu ☺☺☺

ashikin said...

ye fiza... lepas ni boleh la awak try guna...;)


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