Tuesday, November 29, 2011


tranquil and cozy ~_~
Last weekend (Sunday), we went to Kemensah Waterfalls Park @ Hulu Langat with en. hubby's colleagues... Picnicking & relaxing in the heart of KL to soothe the nerves with  sound of water running over the rocks ... Access to the park very easy, the park situated next to  Zoo Negara... the road there was quite dangerous & adventure - the private road very narrow & slopes...  There are few chalets up there... Abul (en. hubby's colleague) booked 2 chalets @ warisan rimba... The chalet has 1 double decker bed with 2 pillows  + bolsters... There has a barbeque pits, toilets and 1 pool... Our xtvt was mandi-manda & BBQ... Barbecueing (lamb, chicken, siakap fish, sausages, garlic bread and potato + BBQ sauce & mushroom soup ~ courtesy of Abul's family) & potluck (meehon, choclate moist cake & drinks)... makan&mandi sampai puas... the water  was cold and crystal clear... everyone was happy especially  lil R & Rahim's kids (sampai terketar-ketar bermandian)... Nice place for friends and family outtings... it highly recommended to all...

BBQ ni je yang sempat snap... *_*
en. hubby & lil R happy in the pool

1st chalet
2nd chalet
Double decker bed in the room

zZZZZzzzz  -_-

Happily me,

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