Monday, September 12, 2011

Raes Zafran ~ 16-months-old

Alhamdulillah lil R 16 months old now... He's now a walking talking toddler, but he will always be my baby...He amazes us every day and understand so much now... 

Lil R happy with tok mama & aunty nurul --- jalan2 raya

 Here are some words to describe lil R:
  • Cheeky boy: he'll give the cheeky smile when he is up to something, and then he'll run when you try to get him...
  • Energizer battery boy: always moving around,always on the go...
  • Loving boy: like to kiss mama& babah every morning and also kiss atuk,tok mama, aunty nurul & kakak sara...
  • Octopus hands boy: His hands are always reaching for something...
  • Demanding, screamer & fierce boy: If he doesn't get what he wants, he will scream and recline his body... 
  • Added more vocabs:-
    • apa tu? : apetuo
    • gol : guuul
    • adoi : adoi
    • babom (tido): babom
    • baby: baby
    • ambil : amik

Luv mama,

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