Sunday, June 12, 2011

Raes Zafran ~ 13 months old & Hubby ~ 29 yo~

Theme: Red Velvet & Red (ngee...)

Raes Zafran turns 13 months today and en. hubby turned 29 last two days, Alhamdulillah... I love both of you so damn much!!! (sorry abang sayang - Mr. Sharul Nizam Bin Ahmad for late update in dis blog... mama bit busy lately with tesis)...

to en. hubby:
Your arms were open when I needed a hug, 
you understood me when I needed a friend, 
you showed me the way when I was stuck in life...
No matter how much I try, 
I can never put in words what you mean to me...
Happy Birthday my dear husband, i love you in every way!

The Cake: RV from Bisou, Bangsar Village from mE and RV Cupcakes from mom AND ur pressie (in advance oredi) travel ticket to Sydney & Gold Coast 18-27 may 2011....;) & whiteroom studio photoshoot (Red attire... tapi babah takde baju merah, so pakai warna hitam loh...) that's y the theme was "Red Valvet  & Red"

So, Lil R what u have been up to (13 months) ???

He's definitely a big boy now... He enjoys gazing at his reflection and holds out arm or leg when we dress him...To date, he has 7 teeth and not yet walking huhu, but mastered in cruising and crawling.... 

He's talking a lot more, some of it we can't understand because it's his own little language but he's saying something... He's added a few words to his vocabulary:
  • Atuk 
  • Kakak
  • Abang
  • Tok mama - mamma
  • Aunty - Annie
  • Makan - mamam
  • Pampers - Papper
  • Bird - Bert
  • Bye - Baa
  • Ball - baw
  • tu (itu) - to to ( when he wants something)
He likes to sing " ya ya ya" ( read: la la la elmo song) when see elmo in TV or when i open the youtube... also his own song " mama ma ma ma, babah ba ba bah" while playing with his toys ( pandai anak mama nyanyi sorang2 ntuk hiburkan diri sendiri...hikhik) ... he loves when we read the story book to him (esp. Elmo , Mickey  & Ladybug story).... and he now can says " ooo oh" with shaking his pointing finger, when he drops something (clever boy!)... 

Here are a few photos (taken in whiteroom studio, photoshoot by serindit team):


 mama & babah love you lots sayang!!!

Luv mama,


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