Thursday, May 12, 2011

Raes Zafran ~ 365 days ~

Alhamdulillah, my sweet Lil R has turned one  today @7.45 pm... its amazing how fast dis year has come and gone... i'm loving every minute of being his mama... today, also he got his last jab for Prevenar @ Paeds, HPAN B.B.Bangi to compete the Pneumococcal vaccination... for MMR jab, we have to postpone after come back from Australia...

Happy 1st Birthday my baby cayang!...

Raes: i'm officially a toddler mama... no longer a baby! hooray ;)

On to lil R's 12 months stat:
    • Weighs 8.6 kg @ 18.95 lbs
    •  Height is 74 cm @ 29.13 inch
    •  BMI =  15.7
    •  He eats just about anything... (any edible food), to date has 6 teeth
    •  Standing and cruising also like cruises in his tiptoes but not yet walking huhu...
    •  Likes to play peek-a-boo a.k.a "chaak aa"  and tepuk amai-amai with us
    •  Favorite new words baa  (read: bye-bye) sambil lambai tangan, mamma (read: tok  mama), kakak (read: kakak - to any toodler girls)
    •  He likes to talk with telephone esp. when his babah call
    • Shakes the body when heard his favorite song (mickey mouse, elmo, special agent osso,pororo)
    • AND lasak semasa tido esp. at nite... habis pusing 360 degree + sometimes tido dlm posisi menonggeng huhu...

rite after the jab... happy and active boy, GOOD boy cyg mama!

So, today we just got makan-makan at Little White Cafe, Sek. 9, B.B.Bangi (the ambiance was awesome but the food it just OK lah) AND dis coming saturday we'll celebrate your 1st ever birthday ya darling!...Meeska Mooska Party!!!

mama & babah love you lots!!!...mMmMuUaAhH


Lin said...

happy birthday raes! :D

ashikin said...

tq lin... ;)


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