Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Close to ONE!

In one month, Lil R will be a year old, alhamdulillah... The countdown to his "Meeska Mooska Party" on May 14th is really on now!

 You such a joy to be around & doing so many new and cute things :)...
To date, what have you been up to?
  • have a firmer grasp - can hold two objects in one hand
  • pointing at things & people - using ur little pointer finger
  • places objects down deliberately
  • enjoy taking items out of container and putting them back in
  • clapping at the correct times when I say ' Yeay, good boy!' & sing 'tepuk amai-amai'
  • trying to mimic the sounds of words (atuk - atek, tok mama - mama, abang - abang, ball - baw)... mama & babah was your first words since you're in 9 months old... oh! so cute =)
  • babbling all the time
  • raising the inflection of voice if as to ask a question
  • can climb up the stairs in the blinks of an eye... whoaa dis i'm worry about!... mE & en. hubby have to be alert all the time and if he do so, we're  right behind him encouraging him...

I'm sure he's looking forward to turning one next month... SO his car seat can face forward and his long legs won't be cramped...

mama luv you so mucchh,

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