Friday, April 29, 2011

Ball pit @ home

it's my idea to buy this ;) LOL... at first, en.hubby refused but after persuaded,  he agreed to buy it...  so, we went out to buy 1200 bright plastic ball and filled up the inflatable rainbow swimming pool...Lil R  & Kakak Sara can play @ home at any time need to go to Kidz Sport to play in the ball pool again!

nie la port kakak sara setiap kali datang rumah! then jerit dari atas panggil Raes ntuk ajak main ;)

Lil R ?
if in this, his favorite is like to throw the ball out one by one... haisyyy


1 comment:

fiza said...

Wah...suka lil R & kakak sara main dlm SP yg penuh ball tu yer ☺☺☺

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