Monday, March 28, 2011

selamat ulangtahun ke-59 abah !

Dearest abah,

We hope your special day is filled with sunshine,smile, love and happiness ;)
HaPpY  59th bIrThDaY ABAH !!!

Last Saturday, mE & family had dinner at a Chinese Muslim Restaurant (Hj. Sharin Low Grand), Wisma Chinese Chamber, Ampang to celebrate dad bday...

 *picas not rely clear coz my bro just snap using his BB...

The food was totally awesome!!! SedaPPP sgt...Thumbs up T_T... Recommended meal - Crab with salted eggs, Toufu with salted eggs, Chicken Thai & lemon and Butter prawn berkuah...;D

Semoga abah di murahkan lagi rezeki, dipanjangkan umur, dikurniakan kesihatan yang baik & sentiasa diredhai dan dirahmati oleh-NYA...

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