Sunday, March 20, 2011

Lunch @ Chili's

Since chenta hati saya (en. hubby) wants to eat steak and i want to eat burger, so and so... we decided to go to chili's @ Midvalley  for our lunch yesterday...

We got the table at the far end so it was quite cozy for us...Lil R was excited, sit and start crawling to and fro on the table... haaiyaa ini budak :D

  then turn to 


 senyap bila dapat mamam baby bites dia... GOOD Boy!

En. hubby ordered a SOUTHWESTERN GRILLED LAMB and i had ordered OLDTIMER® burger...For drinks - mE Bottomless Green Guava and en.hubby Hot Milo, apakah??? (*shake head* katanye nak minum sumthin' yang panas :p )... Lil R  eats steam broccoli + mashed potato ( taken from babah's meal)... 

 southwestern grilled lamb ~ well done... nie je meal pic yg sempat snap...

Orders arrived, so it's time to eat!!! but, dis time we have to take turns babysitting lil R...huhu kalu tak, habih semua makanan di cepuknye nak rasa kuikui... so Babah eats first... mama with u darling!!!

~Burp!...This time i can't finish the meal... so,i dumped the idea to order the dessert-molten chocolate, owh NO!!! coz we're full...

After lunch we went jalan-jalan at midvalley - Charles & Keith for window shopping and guess what?, en.hubby bought me a clutch purse... ngeee happy sgt :D. He told that it will make easier for mE to place all the cards that I have... Tenkiu sayang...mmmuahhh


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