Thursday, December 23, 2010

:: 7-months-old ::

Anyone else's 7 month old not eating as much as they were???

Is turns Raes to loose his weight... He starts moving more independently, scooting around on his belly & he loves to bounce up and down ... and what that i really concern was he decreased appetite (bak kata tok mama Raes, Raes nak ringankan badan untuk merangkak that's y kurang makan)...he not eating as much as he was before... Raes used to eat 2/3 times per day (1/2 Heinz jars of stage 1 fruit or veggie and 3 tablespoon cereal per day)...Now he has dropped to 1/3 Heinz fruit / veggie jar and only 1 tablespoon of cereal...but he maintain to drink 4/5 oz bottle of milk every 2/3 hours...

Alhamdulillah, he always active, loves to smile & happy and having wet & poo poo diapers as usual...

Luv mama,

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