Tuesday, October 26, 2010

~~ Raes's 5th month check-up~~

Today i took leave for lil Raes 5 months immunization-(DTaP/IPV/Hib) @ KKBBBangi...At first, i was planned to bring him early in the morning to injection but hampehsss coz both of us r overstayed sleep...kehkehkeh, so petang la jawapnye... Then, i called en. hubby to have lunch together @ Waffle World, OU since his office was moved to 1 First Avenue which is just next to OU, PJ.. mmg sedap makan kat sini!!!

Raes otw fetch babah at his office for lunch *_*

Spaghetti mamak style (Local favourite)

Special Nasi with Chicken Rendang...

2.30 pm @ KKBBBangi...

As usual before the injection,i've to weigh and measure
Raes height...and get this --- Raes official weight at 5 1/2 months was 7.2 kg and height 68 cm...Surprisingly, he won't cry... just look at my face & nganga his mouth during the injection...i guess may be bcoz he got a fat thighs..huhuhu... Good boy baby mama T_T (two thumbs up!!!)...

and this is after 15 min of injection... ZzZzZz


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