Tuesday, June 15, 2010

~~ Raes's first check-up ~~

Yesterday, we went to Raes's first check-up (1 month) and his 2nd dose hepatitis B immunization @ HPAN, BBBangi... Before injection, doc measured his weight, head circumference and height... Alhamdulillah his weight increased from 3.1 kg to 4.35 kg, height increased from 47cm to 55cm and head circumference increased from 32cm to 38cm... both of us (me n en. hubby) r happy...

ala tomei anak mama yg botak ni tido :)

then followed by the injection...

The injection given in his thigh muscle... sedih n terharu I n en.hubby tgk Raes nangis time doc inject (tetiba emosi)...But my lil baby very good n brave lps abis injection terus senyap... good boy la baby mama nie :)... doc gave an infant syrup (uphamol 120) for Raes, untuk back up kalu baby demam after this injection... but doc said normally after hep B immunization baby tak demam... last nite n this morning i had monited his temperature using thermometer yg en. hubby beli from guardian...alhamdulilah my lil baby look good...

Luv mama,

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