Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Thai's Cuisine

I'm craving for sumthin' yang masam-masam today (like~tomyam)... So,for lunch we (me, ina and ila --- my labmates) decided to go to Chakri Xpress, Alamanda... besides i nak belanja ina (ntuk celebrate ina dapat keje baru)... Chakri Xpress is under Rotol Group... Rotol has under its umbrella a slew of restaurants, notable ones being the Imperial Chakri Palace @ Suria KLCC, Helo Bali @ the Sunway Pyramid and the Rainforest Sports Bar @ Pavilion KL...
I personally prefer to come over here for any Thai cravings (restaurant thai nie je yang paling dekat ngan ofis kan.. lagi2 i tengah sarat pregie (36 ++ months), tak leh driving jauh-jauh en.hubby kata)...ila n ina ordered Sawasdee Xpress Lunch besides, i ordered red seafood tomyam (spicy) + fragrant white rice...Here is some picas @ Chakri Xpress, lets enjoyzz

the enterance

in the restaurant

ila n ina nyum-nyum ~ enjoy the April promotion : Sawasdee Xpress Set Lunch (Appertizer: Chakri Trio Combo- Thai fish cake, Vege spring roll & Samosa + Main Course (5 choices) + Dessert + Ice Lemon Tea (RM 13.90++)

The appertizer: Chakri Trio Combo- Thai fish cake, Vege spring roll & Samosa
Main Course - Pineapple Fried Rice :- ila's meal

Main Course - Thai Fried Rice :- ina's meal

Dessert - Chilled Red Ruby Chestnut ( served with sago, jackfruit and icy cocunut milk)
and my meal ( fragrant white rice + red seafood tomyam + ice longan)

me & ina, OMG my face sooo chubby!!! auwww tembamnye... masa confinement nanti, i kena diet ntuk dapat figure asal balik...:)

Overall, the food was pretty interesting n tomyam memang terbaekkk T_T...The price also reasonable compared to Chakri Palace @ KLCC... (a bit cheap lah...)

CHAKRI XPRESS Lot G85, Ground Floor, Alamanda Shop­ping Centre, Jalan Alamanda, Precinct 1, Putrajaya (Tel: 03-8890 1616). Business Hours: Daily, 10am to 10pm. Extended till 11pm on selected days.


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