Friday, February 5, 2010

BaBy DeTaiL sCaN ~ 24th WeEk~

Alhamdulillah Baby & Mummy's doing good. Very active lil baby i have in here.. and very surprised to see how big baby has grown since the last 2 check ups. Let see what we have here during our detail scan check ups...Gender??? >>> its a cute lil baby boy... Lil baby put his hands on his head which looks more like en. hubby's (addooiii mcm org demam la plak hehehe... nie sebijik mcm en. hubby masa tgh tido >>> selalu letak tangan atas dahi)...and cute 5 lil fingers opening up .. and longer legs that keeps on kicking up which answers to my frequent earthquake feeling...

Baby started kicking since the week before my last check ups (20th week). Initially, it felt like butterfly or angin dalam perut so i wasn't really sure... Later at work, started feeling more drastic gegaran...i feel it like every day, more intense and solid tumbuk, even scratching underneath my rib especially time i run my experiment @ lab (baby nak jadi saintis ke
???? hehe...) n time i nak beradu...and now i can't stop smiling everytime i'm being kicked... Its totally bonding~


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