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++ 5D 4 N Jakarta N Bandung++

It's school holiday... So, we decided to go to Jakarta and Bandung. Many have said that both places are shopping heaven especially Bandung. Apparently it's full of factory outlet. So, were went there for Shopping spree!!!

Day 1 - Sukarno Hatta Airport- Tanah Abang- Monas- Alun-alun - PI Mall- Kemang.

Our flight to Jakarta on 5 june 2009 (me + hubby). This round we weren't alone, we went with my family and cousins (ala-ala mini rombongan gitu). Seawal pg flight kul 7.00 am. Ngantukss yet excited. Pagi dah bangun n rush to lcct. But, we didn't quite enjoy the flight coz we have to wait for about 45 min in the flight due to some technical problem, Alhamdulilah after 45 min the problem was solved n everyone start smiling. Biasa le delay2 nie Air asia :) hehe... Terpaksalah supir (pak soleh) kat jakarta terpaksa tunggu lame...

Once we arrive at Sukarno Hatta Bandara, old man (late 40's --- pak soleh) greet us with holding a piece of cupboard wrote "Miss Shikin Kemat" at the exit gate. Then we straight to check-in to hotel.
Otw, we were greeted by beggars that came smack right up our car!!!. Yeah, they have beggars and musician that will come next to the car and start singing to you when the car stops. Hoping to get some income...

The hotel... again mom complained that it's not good enough. Well, budget hotel what you expect, school holidays always expensive everywhere. But the room was comfortable and tidy compared to the lobby LOL... then everyone satisfied. Our 1st destination for shopping adventure was Tanah Abang, Jakarta Pusat.

Tanah abang mall seems like Pasar Baru n ITC Mangga Dua but its 2x bigger . We spent about 4++ hours there (but it still not enuff for MOM --- Shopaholic woman)...Seriously, my leg
s were already aching after all the walks. About 1,800,000 rupiah (me + hubby) and 4,000,000 (mom + dad+sis) habis belanja kat sini, huhu syurga shopping !!!...

Next, we went for lunch at Nasi Padang Restaurant --- Minang Jaya. Apart from shopping, Jakarta is also known for it's National Monument Tower. Tugu Monas symbolizing the fight for indonesia's independence. It is topped by a 14.5 ton bronze flame, which is plated in 35 kg of gold WOW!!!. So, we went there to took some pictures...

Then, we went To Pondok Indah Mall (PI Mall), South Jakarta. It like Pavillion and many mall in Malaysia which have a lot of designer boutique n cafes BUT to enter the mall kite kena scan dulu dengan pengawal kat stu maklumlah tempat elite.. (1st xperience msk mall coz kena scan --- ntuk elakkan pencopetan).

Next, we headed to Kemang food stalls, so a lot of choices to eat... Some order ala carte and roti bakar. The food we had was pretty interesting especially the "pisang Keju".. its plenty of cheese and the taste was so cchheeezzzyyyy!!!!!

Day 2 - ITC Mangga Dua - Bogor - Bandung

Second day, we moved to ITC Mangga Dua similar to pasar tanah abang). But here our focus to go to lantai 1 - pusat kaca mata to buy branded eyeglass (harga yang murah n berbaloi-baloi banding kat sini) I was supprised, mak aii punyelah banyak kedai cermin mata, sampai tak tau nak tengok yang mana satu... So, we decided to terjah ramai2 kat satu kedai (Mitra Optik) - hope can get discounts. En. hubby berkenan kt frame Tommy Hilfiger, then I bought for him as his birthday present (nanti beli present i punye ye syg...). Mom choose (Channel), Dad (Mont Blanc), My Aunty (Gucci)... Waaaa everybody get the chance to but branded glasses except me yg takyah pakai spec... save duit!!!

Then, we headed to highway ikut jalur Puncak (Bogor/Cik awi) to Bandung. Machet here and there, perut pun lapar so we decide to lunch at Restoran Kebayan(Sundanese Restaurant), Bogor - the food we had was pretty interesting n delicious. Our next stop at Bogor Tas, Tas Tajur, Donatello etc... sambil shopping, kitaorang merasa makan "ES Durian" (i rekomen aiskrim nie) sedapppp sangat... Arrive @ Bandung (9.30 pm), check in at Grand Setiabudi Apartment for 2 nites.

Day 3- Kawah Putih- Pasar Baru- FOS Jln Riau

Today is the day we're going uphill to smell some sulphur (wow!!!)... Apart of shopping, bandung is also known for it's volcano activity. So, we decided to go to Kawah putih rather than Tangkuban Perahu coz everybody have been there before.We left the hotel at about 8.30 am, the road up the hill wasn't that pleasant. Nice scenery but i wasn't in the mood to capture coz i get car-sick.So, hubby n sis took some shaky shoot along the way. I only took the camera when we arrive at Kawah putih. Here, a lot of stall selling strawberry, sweet corn n tapioca (jualan sama cam kat cameron tapi harga jauh lebih berbaloi2 dari cameron). Here is some picas in Kawah putih, Bandung.

That's the ends of very interesting tour around the volcano. Then we went for lunch down town at Restoran Sederhana. This restaurant is famous for their nasi padang... What's after lunch.......more shopping!!! You see in Bandung there's only few place to visit, it is kawah Putih and Tangkuban Perahu. There's simply nothing else. Just shopping and endless shopping (hahahahaha......).
Our next stop was Pasar Baru. We spent like 3 hours there searching and digging...(melepaskan gian membeli barang yang tak sempat di grab kat tanah abang n mangga dua). We hop on here and there (esp. in FOS--- jln Riau). Then we had dinner at Kelapa Lagoon (eat Siomay, Batagor, Nasi penyet n more Indon foods).

Day 4 - FOS @ Jalan Setiabudi-Toko Tiga- Kampung Daun-Dago Pakar Villa

Shopping hunting again... start with Rumah Mode@ Jln. setiabudi. There were throngs of people, as though everything was free there. We spent like 2++ hours there... searching and digging. What's the outcome, mom has the most lot!!! She's definitely a pro-shopper, seems like every shop she has somethin' to buy *** shake head***.Then we headed to another FOS---Mode Plus, Natural, Donatello and Gazebo which is just walking distance from Rumah Mode.
I bought some shirts (Armani Exchange, Ralph Lauren, CK, Guess, Zara, Burberry) for me n hubby :)... Next we headed to Toko tiga to buy some Jeans Levi's (limited edition) --- tp aku frust coz size aku takde...semuanye besar Tension !!!!, Louis, Lee cooper. We shopped till kedai tutup 7pm (8pm Malaysia) then we headed to Kampung Daun for dinner. Very nice scenery and cozy place. There have a lot of wakaf/ gazebo. So, we can choose wakaf/ gazebo. That time was rainy so the weather was cold (sejuk sgt time tue sampai cakap pun berasap...huhu). The food was pretty interesting and yummy...

Day 5- Villa Dago Pakar - Kartika Sari & Amanda - Bandung Airport

Villa Dago Pakar (villa yang besar 5 bedroom+4 bathroom+ 2 halls, 1 dining hall + furniture yang sgt2 berbaloi-baloi untuk family yang besar cam kitaorang). Sgt selesa dan scenery yang amat cantik di atas puncak bukit (golf course area). Terasa puas n bangga coz booking villa nie even thought only for 1 nights coz semua sedara mara puas hati (maklumlah me n mom are organizer for this trip huhuhu...) Here is the villa picas:

Trip yang sgt best n berbaloi2 buat kitaorang semua... What next? --- Singapore (end june)


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